On getting old…

Update:  Ours is but a fleeting moment… between the ages of 20 and 48, we feel we can do anything, but the reality is that around 48 those under that age see us as “old”.

Aging is like a rose:
A calyx embraced by its sepals
A bud in a vase
An emerging corolla
A blossom
A bursting perianth…
Should it be nipped in the bloom,
A desiccated flower with all its beauty, color, and fragrance suspended in time.

Come to think of it, some would consider the desiccated blossoms dust collectors… (I have many of those!).

About Barbara Dillon Hillas

Mother of global nomads; wife of diplomat; peripatetic lawyer; annotator of foreign service life, rule of law, culture, travel, & whatever strikes my fancy.
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