Once upon a time: wind of change.

A long time ago, I used to travel to Moscow because of work.  In those days, I had no idea that the Soviet Union would be no more within 6 months of my last trip there.  Re-reading my old assortment of diary entries and letters I wrote to family, there were palpable changes occurring on a daily basis.

Am thinking of sharing these in this blog, just because I know I was a witness to something momentous in history.  I shared enough vignettes in my diaries and letters during the Glasnost/Perestroika years to write a book.  A strong dose of reality:  will I ever be able to do that?  That is, write a book?  Do I have the discipline and stamina it would take?  Who would read it?

One song that brings back memories of the end of the USSR is Wind of Change, by the Scorpions (I had no idea it was a German band!).  I remember listening to it on Radio Moscow non-stop, when I lived in an apartment across the street from the US Embassy, realizing that there was change in the air… because, only a couple of years earlier, there were very, very few Western songs aired on Soviet airwaves.

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