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June July 2013 902

My backyard bush was chock-full of incredible butterflies 2 week-ends ago.  I have never seen so many large and beautiful butterflies.  They are no longer around, mesmerized and obsessed with the nectar of the blooms in that bush.  But, they reminded me that in 2008 I had written about the monarch.  I re-post:

A friend of mine says “A fact; a wonder! To me, this is spiritual. I have known about this migration of the Monarch Butterfly for a very long time, but always look upon this beautiful creature, once an egg, then a caterpillar, then forming and developing in it’s chrysalis and finally emerging as the beautiful and marvelous flying creature that does this impossible feat described below. Glory be to God!”




THE MAN SITTING NEXT TO ME ON THIS FLIGHT IS HAVING A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. Actually, he’s remembering a spiritual experience, but the wild, alert expression on his face is evocative of someone giving religious testimony. His memory has been sparked by my confession that I am headed to the Mexican state of Michoacan to see millions of monarch butterflies congregate in its mountains. He says: “I saw the butterflies migrating once. I was out skeet shooting, and all of a sudden there they were. It was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. They looked like a cloud. There were so many they cast a shadow on the land. My buddies and I put our guns down to watch them pass.”As if shaken from a dream, he then looks at me and says, “I bet they were headed down to where you’re going.” I’m quite sure they were.

 Read the whole story here.

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